Electrical Advice

With a whole library of inspiration available online, it’s easy to see something you like and decide you want to do something similar. Coming up with a vision is one thing plan and execution another!

Whilst knowing what you want is very helpful, when you don’t know how or even if it’s possible it’s a good idea to seek the advice of a qualified electrician.

When starting larger jobs such as extensions it’s always a good idea to bring an electrician in early on to assess your current system and what you want to achieve with the additional space you are creating.

Your electrician can help you to understand what is possible and also advise if your current set up is suitable for example reviewing fuse board and including this on any quotes if you will need a replacement to provide more terminals for the new space. An important factor to consider when looking at quotes is that absolutely everything is included. Your electrician can give you the best advice and guidance and help you to achieve your vision.

When renovating, redesigning or re decorating a room including the lighting asking for an electrician’s expert advice on what you can achieve will also give you a great insight into what is possible for you.

 If the room is prone to being darker your electrician can advise on clever, subtle lighting that feels just like natural light making the space feel light and airy without the need of daylight. It’s also important to consider placement of sockets or light switches before any plastering work begins. If you plan on moving these from the original point, it’s good to get the electrics and wiring in place before the plastering begins. You don’t want holes being left for sockets and switches in the wrong places leaving noticeable gaps in the fresh plaster with different holes needing to be chased out!

It really pays to contact a qualified electrician for electrical advice when starting out a new project in your home that will involve the electrics. Most qualified electricians offer a free quote and will take the time to review and understand your individual needs and how best to achieve them. Your electrician can advise and suggest suitable solutions and light fittings to meet your needs and be cost effective too.

Legacy Electrical are proud to offer all of our customers a free, no obligation quotation with our expert electrical advice. We are your local, trustworthy and reliable electricians and are happy to assist and advise on all of your electrical needs. No job is too small.